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Our Story

N8 Sports Nutrition is Malaysia's #1 Sports Nutrition Brand that is sending shock waves throughout the country.

Every single formulation in each N8 product was made specifically for you. Yes, you - the athlete, the weekend warrior, the elite, the rehabilitating, the national champion, or the wellness gummy bear. There is only one thing in common that connects our brand and each and everyone of you. And that is - the pursuit of:

ποιότης | QUALITY


N8 Sports Nutrition is dedicated to bring you sports nutrition products that are of the highest quality standards with the safest documented formulation possible. When we mention safe, we refer to formulations that do not cause medical or health complications once you start using or even years down the road. Our emphasis are on formulations that work and yet - do not cause skin allergies, health compromises, stomach upsets, and (you know the rest). There's enough of unsafe products to go around in the world, we need more real, honest, and effective products. You've found it, it starts here.

Our products are honest and truthful to our labels. When you get what's printed on the labels, and you get what you pay for, it is only naturally that the product deliver results. Because that is how it's supposed to be. We assure you that each and every of our product meets your expectations. Our products are used by top Malaysian athletes daily. They trust in our products for their nutritional performance needs and that is assurance best represented.

Notice, feel and see the difference when you choose N8 Sports Nutrition!

We believe in a Future Built on Quality. we #NEVERgiveup on Quality, not even once

The Sports Nutrition Experts

Our mission is to support Malaysian's in their sports pursuit through their nutritional needs. The missing key in many performance related sports is the nutritional aid. With our full range of Sports Nutrition products, we have nearly anything for everything. Be it - increasing stamina, hastening recovery, improved muscular hypertrophy, weight loss, mental cognitive improvement, and anything you can think of to improve sports performance.

Being educated on the right products to use for your sport makes your training effective, productive and most importantly, enjoyable! Let our products be your training partner today!