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N8 Triple Gains 6kg

When it's time to put on size and weight the right way, look for N8 Triple Gains. Light on the budget, heavy on the results. Always.
Retail Price
Packaging Size
6kg Resealable Plastic Canister

Quality and Safe Weight Gain

We're all not born with the same body types. If you happen to be an ectomorph, we understand that putting on size and weight is a daily struggle. Having to constantly eat large quantities of food may not be something to look forward to and having the appetite to do so is another subject all together. What if you could get the right ratio of calories in a delicious creamy shake?

The Right Calories

Want to know why N8 Triple Gains gets you results in a safe and effective manner? N8 Triple Gains:

  • Uses complex carbohydrates as the main source of calories.
  • It's nearly 50% less sweeter than the nearest competition
  • It has ZERO added sugar
  • Does not cause insulin spikes due to our complex carbohydrate source
  • Fortified with Vitamins
  • Has 17g of protein in each scoop

The Protein Connection

The current mainstream media preaches that it's all about protein in any bodybuilding supplement you take. While that stands true most of the time, conditions differ depending on goals. If you're intending to gain weight, taking too much protein may not be beneficial as the body may not be able to absorb the protein completely during the digestion period. This is because the rate of absorption for an ectomorph or beginner may not be same as an individual that is muscular or has had certain years of experience of training. It is also interesting to note that the normal rate of absorption of whey protein in the body is approximately 8-10grams per hour!

Extra Fortification

For additional benefits, the formulation also contains:
  • Fortified Vitamins & Minerals to support daily body function
  • Creatine Monohydrate for strength and energy gains
  • Taurine for energy and mental focus
  • L-Lysine to promote muscle growth and synthesis
Product Benefits
  •  17g Protein per Scoop
  •  36 Servings
  •  520 Calories per Serve
  •  120g Complex Carbohydrate Source 
  •  ZERO Added Sugar
  •  Vitamins & Minerals 

Use For
Fitness, Bodybuilding, Weight/Size Gain, Muscle Maintenance, Recovering after Intense workout




Serving Size: 1 scoop (167g)
Servings per tub: 36

Amount per Serving

                                              Per 167g        Per 100g
Energy                                  2171kJ            1300kJ
Calories                                520kcal          311kcal

Protein                                 17g                 10g

Carbohydrate                     120g                72g
         - Lactose                     27g                 16g
         - Sugar                         0g                   0g    

Dietary Fibre                       3g                    1.7g

Fat                                         9.2g                5.6g
    - Saturated Fat                1.1g                0.6g
    - Monounsaturated        0.54g              0.33g
    - Polyunsaturated           0.17g              0.1g
    - Trans Fat                        0.05g              0.03g
    - Cholesterol                    35.8mg          21.4mg

Vitamin A (Palmitate)         1.95mcg        1.17mcg
Vitamin D3                           0.15mcg        0.09mcg
Vitamin E                              0.2mcg          0.12mcg
Vitamin C                              2.45mg         1.47mg
Vitamin B1                           0.02mg          0.01mg
Vitamin B2                           0.03mg          0.02mg
Vitamin B6                           0.01mg          0.01mg
Niacin                                   1.54mg          0.92mg
Panthothenic Acid              0.59mg         0.36mg
Choline                                 0.00mg         0.00mg

Sodium                                297mg            177.9mg
Potassium                           1168mg          699.4mg
Chloride                               418mg            250mg
Calcium                                233.4mg        140mg
Phosphorus                        346.5mg         207.5mg
Magnesium                         99.6mg           59.6mg
Iron                                       4.37mg           2.61mg
Zinc                                      0.72mg            0.43mg
Copper                                0.45mcg          0.27mcg

Other Ingredients

Maltodextrin, Whey Permeate, Non Dairy Creamer, Whey  Protein Concentrate, Isolate Soy Protein, Permitted Flavoring and Sucralose.



Use 1 scoop 2-4 times a day to increase daily caloric needs. Mix with 300ml of water or milk in a shaker. Use in conjunction with a proper workout and diet program. When desired size is reached, upgrade to N8 MASS for continued quality and lean gains!

This product is manufactured on same equipment that processes milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut & tree nuts.
Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, have existing heart or psychiatric conditions, or are pregnant or lactating. Avoid alcohol while taking this product.